Meghan Ali Interview

I’ve been having a brilliant time interviewing up and coming musicians over the last couple of months. I am very fortunate to have friends in the music industry at different levels who have helped me out by coming on the podcast and pointing me in the direction of those who can also help. One of … Continue reading Meghan Ali Interview

Shave It Off!

As many of you may know a few of my Rathpeacon G.A.A. clubmates and I are shaving our heads for charity! Next Saturday, the 17th of April, we will be going fully bald in aid of two great Cork charities and services; Blarney Meals on Wheels and Marymount Hospice! We are aiming to raise 5000 … Continue reading Shave It Off!

Limerick Voice TV

I’ve been quiet enough on this recently due to work and my MA course in the University of Limerick. One thing we’ve been working on this semester is a Newsday production. I had to source a story, interview people, get B-roll (extra footage), record a voiceover and edit it all together. My story was then … Continue reading Limerick Voice TV

The Rathpeacon Pintcast

As we head into another 9 weeks of lockdown here in Ireland, I think we all know that community is everything. A few weeks ago, myself and Dinny Murphy started a podcast series profiling some of the legendary figures of Rathpeacon G.A.A. We talked to Club Secretary and this year’s football manager, Cormac O’Neill in … Continue reading The Rathpeacon Pintcast

Things I Would Do For You

There is a long list of the things I would do for youWithout hesitation. One snap of your fingers and the things that you wantedWould be done by me. Even the slightest nod in the directionOf something or someone would be enough For me to interpret and act on yourWish. Not that you would ask … Continue reading Things I Would Do For You

About Me

Hello there. I’m Cian, the rambler of Rathpeacon. Since writing my first book in primary school about a revolutionary circus at the age of seven the writing bug has been a part of me. Combining that with a love of music, movies and examining my journey with mental health, the Rathpeacon Rambler blog has grown slowly but steadily over the last few years. Check out some of my favourite pieces I’ve written on the left, as well as my weekly podcast!

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Rathpeacon Pintcast – The Daltons The Rathpeacon Rambler's Podcast

The tables are turned this week as Dinny and Cormac ask me and my brothers about growing up in Westmeath, moving to Cork and some questionable living conditions in New York a few years ago!
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