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Pretentious title alert! Pretentious title alert! WARNING! WARNING! Cian is slipping into the actual belief that he is a bonafide blogger and that people are reading his stuff with interest… There’s that voice in the back of my head again. Chipping away, trying to break through the skull and the brains to reach the front. … Continue reading Thought of the Day


Good afternoon/morning to you all. I hope that you are all staying safe inside during this scary time. I have taken an extra step in becoming the black sheep of my family and friends. Yes, that’s right. I’ve started a podcast. I know that the lovely followers of my blog on WordPress and my family, … Continue reading Update!

A Guide to Hillwalking and Mountain-climbing for People who don't know what the F**k they're doing! – The Spinc Walk

Hallelujah and praise the Lord! On the 29th of June the travel restrictions in Ireland will be lifted and we will be able to go anywhere in the country. My biggest grievance with the lockdown was that I had just gotten back into doing different nature walks, climbs and trails. K and I had sensed … Continue reading A Guide to Hillwalking and Mountain-climbing for People who don't know what the F**k they're doing! – The Spinc Walk

Far Off Shores – Meghan Ali

Cork is full of thriving, talented musicians. From rap to traditional, hip hop to indie-pop, the Rebel County is a hotbed of young, up and coming artists. I am lucky to have played with some, attended the gigs of others, but one of my greatest honours is calling some of them my friends. Meghan Ali … Continue reading Far Off Shores – Meghan Ali

Hobbs and Shaw: Movie Review

Despite dealing with shitheads daily and getting complaints about said shitheads from other paying customers hourly, the cinema has its fair share of perks. Free popcorn, free soft drinks (Oscar, mate, do you want a soft drink?) and free movies are pretty good, but my favourite has to be that we have the ability to … Continue reading Hobbs and Shaw: Movie Review

About Me

Hello there. General Kenobi! I joke. I’m Cian, the rambler of Rathpeacon. Since writing my first book in primary school about a revolutionary circus at the age of seven the writing bug has been a part of me. Combining that with a love of music, movies and examining my journey with mental health, the Rathpeacon Rambler blog has grown slowly but steadily over the last few years. Check out some of my favourite pieces I’ve written on the left, as well as my weekly podcast!

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Rathpeacon Pintcast – Mick Buckley The Rathpeacon Rambler's Podcast

A pillar of the Rathpeacon community and the G.A.A. club joined Dinny and Cian for a chat this weekend! Mick talked about some great days managing the club, the many nights he spent in Dan Jim's and the inclusivity and togetherness that Rathpeacon is trying to promote these days!
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