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Poetry is something I’ve always had a deep love for. My uncle, Colm, is an extremely talented writer and has some of his works published in his first volume, What News, Centurions?. He is a definite inspiration to me. In college I did my dissertation on John Keats and studied W.B. Yeats extensively. However, study alone does not make a writer talented. You must practice the craft whenever you can and that’s what I plan to do here. Every Sunday I am going to post a poem or short story here. In reality I will post as much as I can. I love to write and this blog is the start of something bigger.

Please enjoy a few of my poems below 😊 Short stories will follow.

Nás (Poem)

“An chéad stáisiún eile, Nás agus Sallins.”After two long hours of trying to read and changing songs my senses are tingling.Only five minutes until I get to see your curls bouncing as you do that cute little half jog up the steps into my outstretched arms. Utterly adorable. The drive back is filled with hand … Continue reading Nás (Poem)

My friend ( The Spider)

The spider in my old bedroom and I had an understanding That if I caught one of his friends downstairs or on the landing They were fair game for a rolled up newspaper or a tissue on the wall. Even though he and I never shared a squabble, Except for the time of the lynx … Continue reading My friend ( The Spider)


“Everybody feels fucking anxious.”Just something I say to myself a few times a week,Generalising the pressure rising inside of me like a kettle about to boil.Brushing off the insidious feeling of being alone despite being surrounded. Some days I feel like a coffee cup that’s too full in a speeding car on a bumpy road.Thrown … Continue reading Anxious

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