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Poetry is something I’ve always had a deep love for. My uncle, Colm, is an extremely talented writer and has some of his works published in his first volume, What News, Centurions?. He is a definite inspiration to me. In college I did my dissertation on John Keats and studied W.B. Yeats extensively. However, study alone does not make a writer talented. You must practice the craft whenever you can and that’s what I plan to do here.

Please enjoy a few of my poems and short stories below 🙂


Richard paid for his coffees and paper and made his way out of the shop through the mill of people. The petrol station was packed with pilgrims like himself on the way to the beach. Like everyone else, he had heard about the events in the rowing boat. It had been all over the news.… Continue reading Rapture

Home is where the charger is…

My heart lies all over the world. It lies in Plassey Village in the University of Limerick and in the Stables and in the city where I used to walk. It lies in the bustling streets of Manhattan where I smoked Newports while rushing to work in the dead heat of summer, sweating and yearning… Continue reading Home is where the charger is…

The Forgotten Village

There lies the intoxicating queenFacing her enemies.Look on her works and despairAs you walk through her lands. She who set brother against brotherTo become an equal.She who escaped with her life to returnWith nothing. A forgotten village rises out of the mist,Thousands of visitors passing by,Animal and man alike stopping by the placardTo read of… Continue reading The Forgotten Village

The Swan King of Naas

White wings spread wide like Pegasus,Long serpentine neck poised to attackThe Swan King of Naas welcomes all challengersAs they race by in fear of the mighty creature. His cygnets rest in the feathery embrace of his mate.Nobody would be foolish enough to try and steal a baby from the fearsome couple.”Jesus, Maria, just run past… Continue reading The Swan King of Naas

Nás (Poem)

“An chéad stáisiún eile, Nás agus Sallins.”After two long hours of trying to read and changing songs my senses are tingling.Only five minutes until I get to see your curls bouncing as you do that cute little half jog up the steps into my outstretched arms. Utterly adorable. The drive back is filled with hand… Continue reading Nás (Poem)


“Everybody feels fucking anxious.”Just something I say to myself a few times a week,Generalising the pressure rising inside of me like a kettle about to boil.Brushing off the insidious feeling of being alone despite being surrounded. Some days I feel like a coffee cup that’s too full in a speeding car on a bumpy road.Thrown… Continue reading Anxious

My friend ( The Spider)

The spider in my old bedroom and I had an understanding That if I caught one of his friends downstairs or on the landing They were fair game for a rolled up newspaper or a tissue on the wall. Even though he and I never shared a squabble, Except for the time of the lynx… Continue reading My friend ( The Spider)

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