Rathpeacon’s adopted star!

Roy Keane's parents moved to Rathpeacon, the jewel of Cork lying between Whitechurch (ugh) and Blackpool (ugh), in the 1990s. Some say it was the beginning of his most successful years! For any fans of one of Ireland's greatest ever players, and arguably Manchester United's greatest modern player, you will want to check out this … Continue reading Rathpeacon’s adopted star!

Operation Odessa

https://youtu.be/TWQWc0FXkG4 Title: Operation OdessaDirector: Tiller RusselGenre: DocumentaryMain Cast: Tarzan, Juan Almeida, Tony Yester.Runtime: 95 mins.IMDb rating: 7.8/10.My rating: 8/10.Quick summary: Ludwig Fainberg (Tarzan) came to America in the 1980s and quickly set about filling his time and the state of Florida with debauchery, drugs and crime. Along with friends Juan Almeida and Tony Yester, they … Continue reading Operation Odessa