Rathpeacon’s adopted star!

Roy Keane's parents moved to Rathpeacon, the jewel of Cork lying between Whitechurch (ugh) and Blackpool (ugh), in the 1990s. Some say it was the beginning of his most successful years! For any fans of one of Ireland's greatest ever players, and arguably Manchester United's greatest modern player, you will want to check out this … Continue reading Rathpeacon’s adopted star!

Is Cork City losing its charm?

https://youtu.be/aqCD1ZIK1a4 There are no Echo boys anymore. Only Echo boys all grown up and still calling the familiar chant down the city streets. I haven't seen Michael O'Regan in quite some time. Maybe his absence is part of the reason I am becoming disenchanted with the city I call my home.Living abroad puts double-glazed rose-tinted … Continue reading Is Cork City losing its charm?

On the Dublin to Cork road in heavy rain – Poem

As soon as I turned onto the Cork road it began to rain.Not just little dropletsBut big, fat ones that spread out across the windshield,Blurring my vision and causing me to slow down. God forbid I go below 120 and stay safe on the road!Especially when His Heavens have opened so magnificently above me.I have … Continue reading On the Dublin to Cork road in heavy rain – Poem