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I absolutely love movies. I go as often as possible and not just because I get in for free to my old workplace. As I said to my old boss the other day, if he charged me I’d still go because of my fondness for that particular cinema and my obsession with movies. It was the toughest lie I ever had to tell. Free stuff rocks!

The Gentlemen

Title: The GentlemenDirector: Guy RitchieGenre: Gangster, Comedy, Violent thriller.Main Cast: Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding, Colin Farrell, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong.Runtime: 113 mins.IMDb rating: 8.1/10.My rating: 9/10.Quick summary: A typical Guy Ritchie flick with an all star cast. Matthew McConaughey is the drug lord in danger of losing it all when a … Continue reading The Gentlemen


Title: BombshellDirector: Jay RoachGenre: True Story, Dramatisation, Comedy, Sexual AssaultMain Cast: Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, John Lithgow.Runtime: 109 mins.IMDb rating: 6.8/10.My rating: 6/10.Quick summary: How much must women put up with everyday before they have enough? Before they’re called names and labelled ‘sensitive’ for simply not wanting to put up with male sexual … Continue reading Bombshell


Title: 1917Director: Sam MendesGenre: Drama, Action, War, Historical.Main Cast: Dean Charles Chapman, George MacKay.Runtime: 119 mins.IMDb rating: 8.5/10.My rating: 8.5/10.Quick summary: Two soldiers are entrusted with a vital mission to save 1,600 of their fellow soldiers. Traversing across No Mans Land, German-occupied cities and harsh conditions, the brothers in arms must rely on each other … Continue reading 1917

A Private War – Review

Title: A Private WarDirector: Matthew HeinemanGenre: Drama, Action, Biopic.Main Cast: Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan, Faye Marsay, Tom Hollander.Runtime: 110 mins.IMDb rating: 6.7/10.My rating: 8.5/10.Quick summary: Marie Colvin was a fierce human being, a fantastic writer and journalist and a woman at war with her own demons. She saw many battles while fighting her own. Which … Continue reading A Private War – Review

Bad Day For the Cut

Title: Bad Day For the CutDirector: Chris Baugh.Genre: Action, Comedy, Gangster.Main Cast: Nigel O’Neill, Susan Lynch, Josef Pawlowski.Runtime: 99 mins.IMDb rating: 6.5/10.My rating: 7/10.Quick summary: A quirky but gory look at a mild mannered farmer who loses the one thing keeping him sane…His mammy. Violence galore and cultural clashes make this film an enjoyable one. … Continue reading Bad Day For the Cut

Thunder Road

Title: Thunder Road.Director: Jim Cummings.Genre: Indie, Comedy, Drama.Main Cast: Jim Cummings, Kendal Farr, Nican Robinson.Runtime: 99 mins.IMDb rating: 7.1/10.My rating: 9/10.Quick summary: A bizarre man goes through an extended mental breakdown as he loses all closest to him. This independent film was based on a short film of the same name which won awards at … Continue reading Thunder Road

Little Women

Title: Little WomenDirector: Greta Gerwig.Genre: Drama, Comedy, Period piece.Main Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlen, Timothee Chalamet.Runtime: 135 mins.IMDb rating: 8.3/10.My rating: 7/10.Quick summary: A genuinely lovely movie that packs a surprising emotional punch. Saoirse Ronan is phenomenal in this movie that deals with love, death and the rise of powerful women. … Continue reading Little Women

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Title: Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of SkywalkerDirector: J.J. Abrams.Genre: Sci/Fi, Fantasy.Main Cast: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher (RIP), Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Billy D. Williams.Runtime: 142 mins.IMDb rating: 6.9/10.My rating: 8/10.Quick summary: Not a perfect movie but the right blend of cheese, action and ridiculous humour that makes … Continue reading Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Dog Soldiers

This past weekend, myself and Katie went to Spike Island After Dark. That’s the name of the tour. We didn’t sneak onto Spike Island after dark. We paid money to go and hear a Q & A from horror actors, talent managers and casting directors. Get off my back, GAWD!Liam Cunningham was the main reason … Continue reading Dog Soldiers


It is rare that a show or movie leaves me speechless. I won’t lie to you. There were a number of times during the show that I was a bit uncomfortable. The subject matter is extremely shocking and it was tough to watch at times. Rape, especially the rape of women, is a common thing … Continue reading Unbelievable

Extra Ordinary

It is always a pleasure to get Irish movies into the cinema. None will ever reach the heights of Young Offenders. Given that it is set in Cork city and showcases a lot of the suburbs and the city centre, it was always going to be hard beat. Unfortunately, other Irish movies never get the … Continue reading Extra Ordinary


Last night I watched Dumplin’. I was skimming through the lists on Netflix when this caught my eye. My girlfriend sent me a song from the soundtrack, which is provided by the great Dolly Parton, so I thought of her when I saw it and said I’d give it a watch. It was the best … Continue reading Dumplin’

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

It is with a heavy heart that I must write my first terrible review. Up until now I’ve thought most movies were, at the very least, average. I’ve made excuses for how bad they were. I’ve solved plotholes and bad performances to justify the money I’ve spent on the film. That time has passed. Dark … Continue reading X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Pet Sematary

For decades now, audiences around the world have been mesmerised, terrorised and astounded by adaptations of Stephen King’s works. The prolific author has seen many of his novels make the big screen. The Shining, Stand By Me and Shawshank Redemption, to name but a few, are all classics and examples of how well a book can be transferred onto … Continue reading Pet Sematary

Us – Movie Review

Jordan Peele’s latest horror offering is as mindbending and thrilling as Get Out. However, Us is its own film with its own ideas and impeccable twists and turns. After viewing this earlier tonight and searching twitter for user responses and funny gifs, I’ve decided that it is hard to pick a favourite between the two. There is … Continue reading Us – Movie Review

Netflix Selection: Umbrella Academy and Russian Doll.

The digital streaming behemoth has had a great start to the year. After producing some dubious figures and some questionable stats about the viewing figures of a number of shows, Netflix has come good again with a selection of Originals, their own personally funded and produced shows, and new additions from established artists. The Umbrella … Continue reading Netflix Selection: Umbrella Academy and Russian Doll.

Captain Marvel

The newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hit our screens last Friday. Excitement surrounding the Avengers storyline has been high over the last number of years and with Endgame being released next month I wasn’t so sure that this was a necessary movie to release right now. I’m pleased to say that I was completely wrong. … Continue reading Captain Marvel

The Bodyguard – Review

The long awaited sequel to the 1992 smash hit starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner has finally come to Netflix. Kevin Costner reprises his role as the bodyguard as he goes on the rampage against street drugs. Cillian Murphy takes on the role of Bobby Brown in a highly controversial piece of casting, while modern … Continue reading The Bodyguard – Review

A Star Is Born: Review

A bit late to the party here but I finally got to check out Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, a retelling of A Star is Born. This is the fourth version of the 1937 original film, with Judy Garland playing the star in 1954 and Barbra Streisand playing the same character in 1976. Lady GaGa and Bradley … Continue reading A Star Is Born: Review

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