Best Movie Battles of all Time? Pt. 2

Happy Monday all! I hope the weekend was good and that you all have a lovely week. Let’s have a look at some more of my favourite battle scenes in cinema 🙂

Infinity War: Battle of Wakanda (Thor’s Return)

There is no denying that the final battle of Endgame is the perfect culmination of 11 years of universe building. The moment where Steve picks up Mjolnir was one of those hair raising pieces of storytelling that all fans love to see. However, Thor’s return to Earth to help save the Avengers with the help of Groot and Rocket, arriving in a thunderstorm being omitted from his new axe, is better in my opinion.
The fact that it looks like Steve, Bruce, T’Challah and co are about to be overwhelmed adds to the drama of the battle scene as Thor swoops in to show why he is probably the most powerful Avenger.


I’m sure I’ve written about this particular scene before. It is one of the most gruesome things I have seen in cinema. There are some battle scenes where they show some poor sod get absolutely decimated by the main character on his wartorn rampage. This particular scene in Ironclad made me physically recoil and then jump with some sort of sadistic delight. Maybe I need to have a word with myself..

300 (Battle of the Hot Gates)

I don’t think that I will ever forget watching 300 for the first time on DVD. It had absolutely everything that a young straight boy who had just hit puberty could want; topless women and lots of bloodshed.
While each battle and scene are all visually stunning, my favourite has to be the battle at the Hot Gates. Although the Persians far outnumber the Spartans, Leonidas and his troops know of a pass through the mountains that would work in their favour. They allow the Persians to advance upon them into the funneled entrance to the mountain, called the ‘Hot Gates’. There, their numbers count for nothing and the audience is treated to a spectacle of choreography, camerawork and stunts.

King Arthur (2004) – Battle on the Ice

This was one of the first movies that I ever bought on DVD for myself. There was something exciting about buying or renting DVDs, wasn’t there? Everything is so accessible now with streaming that the excitement is almost gone from choosing what to watch next. I digress…
This 2004 depiction of the Knights of the Round Table is my personal favourite out of all the modern efforts. Clive Owen leads the remaining knights on one last rescue mission as Saxons invade England. On the return journey following their rescue of a wealthy Roman aristocrat, Arthur and his Knights are pursued by a deadly Saxon force. The battle on the ice is my personal favourite.

Braveheart – Battle of Stirling

This list would be incomplete without a scene from Braveheart. An absolutely epic film that was one of my first looks at widescale battle on the big screen.

I’ve just realised that this is an entirely male and white list. I’ll have to broaden my cinematic horizons this year. Perhaps I’ve found my New Year’s resolution!

Let me know what some of your favourite battle scenes are in the comments below 😀


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