“I Can Hear Echoes” – The Lost Gecko Single Review

The Lost Gecko’s newest single ahead of their Scatterbox EP, due for release later this year, can be described in a word that also describes the band that plays it so well: Authentic. This word applies to all songs from this indie outfit. Each song has a genuine story behind it and is inspired by some of the band’s experiences as well as things happening in the world around us.
The inspiration behind “I Can Hear Echoes”, came in part from frontman Malcolm Urquhart’s fascination with wolves, according to the band’s Instagram. After reading the story of a wolf expert’s cancer diagnosis and recovery, which she attributed to her encounter with a wolf pack she was studying, Malcolm had the seed of a song in his head. Have a look at her story below.

While the story behind the song adds deeper meaning, it is the music itself that makes this song striking. Malcolm’s powerful vocals would send shivers down your spine. His long notes for the bridge/chorus are as inspiring as the story that helped make this song.

There is a brilliant moment following the second verse and chorus where Malcolm’s vocals fade and Elaine McCarthy’s deep, mournful cello mimics the melody from the first part of the song. A guitar playing the same brings the song to an end and we are left with that feeling of cautious hope of good news in bad circumstances. We are also left wanting another song immediately from The Lost Gecko!

The band also released the video for the song yesterday too, so check that out below!

Check out The Lost Gecko’s Facebook, Instagram and Spotify when you get a chance!


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