‘Level 5, gimme sweet level 5!’, I sing to the tune of Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac. It seems the thought of going back into full lockdown has finally broken me. It didn’t bother me too much when I was nine cans deep but the dread is starting to seep in. That could be the hangover in fairness.

Yesterday evening, the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) has recommended that the whole of Ireland goes into Level 5 lockdown. This means no team sports, no travel outside of 5km unless absolutely necessary and no restaurants among other things. In short, we are going back to the beginning.

Dr. Mary Favier, a GP and member of NPHET, was on Morning Ireland, a news and current affairs programme on RTÉ Radio 1, this morning. She said that the lack of resources in our health service is why Ireland needs to go back to a full lockdown.

I think that people may be more accepting of a lockdown now. With cases rising and video evidence of people flouting guidelines all over the country, the alternative could be thousands of cases a day with our loved ones denied a place in hospital if they somehow caught the virus. We need to mentally resolve ourselves for another few weeks of severe restrictions.

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