The Broken Hearts Gallery

What have you kept from old relationships?

Title: The Broken Hearts Gallery
Director: Natalie Krinsky.
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama.
Main Cast: Geraldine Viswanathan, Dacre Montgomery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Molly Gordon, Phillipa Soo, Arturo Castro.
Runtime: 108 mins.
MDb rating: 6.6/10.
My rating: 5/10.
Quick summary: Lucy keeps little trinkets and tokens from every relationship she has ever been in. After being broken up with yet again she bumps into Nick, a down on his luck broody cynic. Nick is trying to open a hotel in Manhattan and is quickly running out of money. With Lucy’s help, they turn the building site into a beautiful hotel and the site of Lucy’s newest gallery; a place for people to leave the memories of failed relationships behind. Will the two find love together or will they be leaving their own piece of memorabilia in the gallery?

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Natalie Krinsky’s rom-com may have an interesting story when you look at the summary, but at its core it is just another clichéd movie about a lost twenty something in New York who is not dealing with the banalities of life like everyone else. If you had a novelty dart board with tired tropes used in rom-coms down through the years in place of numbers, covered your eyes and threw your over-sized fun dart you would be sure to hit at least one cringey scene that was used in this movie.
Main character is impossibly quick-witted, often assigning pop-culture references and nicknames to secondary characters? Check!
Main character lives in an extremely nice house/apartment and is holding down an impressive job yet laments their lack of success? Check.
Things start to look up for our main character, often shown to us through a montage where the characters look impossibly happy and are dancing no matter what they are doing? Check.
Our main character and their love interest get into a fight that could be easily solved either by the two simply talking it through and letting the other finish speaking before butting in and assuming some other details, and/or being honest with each other early in the film? Check!
Finally and the love interest interrupts an important speech or presentation that our main character is giving to profess their love for said main character? Check.

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Dacre Montgomery and Geraldine Viswanathan

Despite the cringey clichés, this movie isn’t bad. I’ve seen worse rom-coms and I will see worse in the future. This movie does have a talented cast. The names might not be household but there are some funny performers in there.
You might recognise Geraldine Viswanathan from Blockers (2018). Viswanathan plays Lucy, our troubled hero who can’t let go of the past. As I said, she is impossibly witty for someone who keeps toenail clippings of one of her exes as a token of their relationship in her room, but she delivers Lucy’s lines perfectly.
Molly Gordon is probably the best thing about this movie. She is only supporting but her deranged character and dysfunctional relationship with the voluntarily mute Jeff steals every scene she is in. Gordon is mostly known for her turns in Booksmart (2019) and Life of the Party (2018).
Arturo Castro is someone I had never seen in a film or show before, but he is extremely funny here, providing the comic relief that the male love interest is not able to do.

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Molly Gordon, Viswanathan and Phillipa Soo

This movie is probably a bit longer than it should be. The last twenty minutes dragged on as Krinsky seemed to try to fit a few extra sure-fire feelgood scenes in there. All in all, I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes rom-coms. There are plenty of laughs, a bit of lovin’ and a few emotional scenes that will tick your boxes. A bit predictable, but aren’t all romantic comedies??


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