New podcast!

Happy Monday all! I hope ye all had a great weekend. I hope the Monday blues are staying away. Sure it’s lunchtime already. We’re already halfway to Tuesday. Tuesday is practically Wednesday and when it’s Wednesday sure the end of the week is in sight! What an existence I lead.

The latest episode of my podcast is up on Spotify and Apple 😀 This week I talk about 80’s themed musical Rock of Ages as well as a brief review of the new Netflix blockbuster Project Power.

Rathpeacon Pintcast – The Daltons The Rathpeacon Rambler's Podcast

The tables are turned this week as Dinny and Cormac ask me and my brothers about growing up in Westmeath, moving to Cork and some questionable living conditions in New York a few years ago!
  1. Rathpeacon Pintcast – The Daltons
  2. Rathpeacon Pintcast – John McCarthy
  3. Rathpeacon Pintcast – Richie Wiseman
  4. Second Breakfast – A chat with Lorraine
  5. Rathpeacon Pintcast – Joe O’Mahony part 2

Let me know what you think of the podcast and as always I am open to critique and suggestions! Have a good evening all 🙂

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