The land of saints and scholars (actors and directors)

The Emmy nominations were released yesterday and Irish representation is in no short supply!

Paul Mescal (actor), Lenny Abrahamson (director), Sally Rooney (author/writer), Alice Birch (writer) and Louise Kiely (casting director) are all nominated for breakout show Normal People.

Jeremy Irons, British actor and West Cork castle owner, provides opposition for Paul in his category.

Fiona Shaw, who most will know for her portrayal as Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter franchise, is up for best supporting actress for her role in Killing Eve.

Andrew Scott also received a nomination for his performance in Black Mirror last year.

Of course, as all good British papers do, the Mail and the Guardian claimed Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott as British actors when they are as Irish as hot rain in summer and cold rain in Winter. Claim them all ye want guys! They’re ours! Welcome to Ireland! The land of saints, scholars, actors, directors and writers!

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