Positive vibes bro

I can’t help that I am disappointed that CBD isn’t an actual acronym. It stands for cannabidiol and is derived from many cannibinoids from the marijuana plant. CBD oil is natural and helps with anxiety, stress and lack of sleep. Some people even vape it. It is a really cool new medicine but I really wish that it stood for something. Something like, Cool Brain Destresser. Come Buy Dis oil. I don’t know. It’s a work in progress.

It is very easy to get bogged down with the negative influences on our life. People are going back to work and facing new challenges. These are challenges we never thought we would face. Walking around, constantly sanitizing and wearing a mask indoors is something from a disaster movie. Dealing with entitled customers who don’t seem to care about other people’s safety and only want to be served is enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out. On Twitter I have read a few threads of people not respecting the new regulations and my heart breaks for the service staff around the country.

For anybody working in bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, I know it is easy to bring that anxiety and hardship home with you. I did it myself for years. I still do it, which isn’t ideal as I work from home. Thinking positive thoughts may work for a while but sometimes we need a helping hand.
Before anyone accuses me of peddling some bullshit pyramid scheme, you can get CBD oil handy enough and without shelling out your lifesavings. All we had to do was follow a strict set of instructions, sign a legal binding document that gave the makers of the oil, the Pourers as they are called, our first born son AND daughter and live in the commune. Wifi isn’t great but the CBD oil makes you forget…
Just kidding! You take a few drops every couple of hours under your tongue. It doesn’t taste great but I’ve been feeling pretty good the last few days. Things opening up again played on my mind and I’m not letting it get me down like I used to.
Don’t knock something until you’ve squeezed a few drops of it under your tongue.


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