Second Breakfast – Phase 3

Afternoon all! Apologies for the lack of a mental health post this evening! I’ve dropped the ball to be honest. I had a plan to write something about trying some old hobbies to fall back in love with them, but I had also left my podcast alone for a weeks break and I wanted to get back into that too. Fear not! There will be two or three posts over the weekend!

While I have you here, why not listen to my podcast? I talk mainly about movies, but this episode is a lot more than that. I talk about lockdown in Ireland and different bits of news going on in this little country!

It is on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out on the player below 😀

The Projection Room – Onward The Rathpeacon Rambler's Podcast

This week I talk about Moana, Disney +, my terrible Wifi and the weird names I've given the roads of Rathpeacon. I also reviews Onward, a movie about brotherhood, loss and love. Happy listening!
  1. The Projection Room – Onward
  2. The Projection Room – A chat with Gerard McAuliffe
  3. The Projection Room – Oh, the horror!
  4. The Projection Room – To Be or Not to Be
  5. The Projection Room – Broken Hearts Gallery/Love, Guaranteed

Please let me know what you think 😀 Thank you all for the likes and comments. I really appreciate them all!

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