Assumptions (Doing a number two on the clock)

Have you been brought back into the office? Did your store open and you were called back to the front line? Have you spent the last few months slowly building up your resolve before having it broken down by the droves of ravenous shoppers blackening the floors of your place of work with their dirty shoes?
Have you been like me, logging into work remotely and suffering the same trials and tribulations of the modern, cliquey office? Have you been fighting in the trenches, adapting to the ever-growing changing circumstances brought about by our new normal?

It’s a tough minefield to navigate. It has been a minefield to navigate. Working from home has some major benefits, like being much much closer to the television and playstation, and some negatives, like being at the beck and call of anyone and everyone who has Skype. See, if you don’t answer a phonecall in work then people will expect a call back; you might have been busy with a certain client or you could have been grabbing a coffee. When you are working from home, however, the possibilities are endless.
“Not answering the phone again, huh Dalton? Fifth shit of the day I’d say!”
I don’t want to work in an environment where every time I don’t answer the phone for whatever reason they assume I’m in the jacks. Most of the time I’m just making coffee which will eventually lead to a number two.
At least I assume they assume I’m assuming the position. But you know what they say about assuming? It often puts you in a shit situation!

How I spend all of my calls in work

I am still happy that I am dealing with the frustrating world of the office rather than the absolute shitshow that retail can be. I admire anyone who has been working in grocery stores since quarantine started. I admire anyone who is going back to work in pubs and shops and cinemas over the next few months. You now have to deal with the public under a whole new set of circumstances. Trying to get Keith and Karen out of the pub after their hour and a half is up is going to be like trying to remove alligators from a paddling pool full of fish. Would have to be a big paddling pool for all involved!

That’s petty of me now but I’ve suffered all of those slings and arrows in customer service. If I couldn’t handle it in the before times, then I certainly wouldn’t be able to handle it now. I could handle it, it was just keeping my temper in check and not lashing out at customers or cheeky people who tried to rile me up. That’s why I’m now THRIVING in an office. Nobody talks anymore and nobody does a tap unless forced to so it is a fantastic environment for someone like me who feels that I need to do my fair share or everybody will be talking about me.

Will I ever find a job I properly like? It is very easy to tell someone to just move on and find a new job. Are you gonna pay my bills, yeah? Are you gonna pay my car loan? Sound out! Unfortunately, sometimes we have to stay in a toxic place for a while until something else comes along. For everyone else out there not truly enjoying working forty hours a week for not enough pay, I salute you. I salute us!

Let me know some of your survival tips for work, no matter what your job. I need help 😂😂


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