The Projection Room: Adam Sandler

Good Monday all! I hope your weekend was filled with happiness and relaxation. If it wasn’t, please let me know who to speak to about making your weekend better.
If you need something to cheer you up on this dreary Monday afternoon then why not check out the latest episode of my podcast?

The Projection Room -Tricks of the Trade The Rathpeacon Rambler’s Podcast

Where should you sit in the cinema? When should you complain about people talking? When is the best time to ask stupid questions at the ticket desk? All this answered and more in this week’s episode!
  1. The Projection Room -Tricks of the Trade
  2. Second Breakfast -The Aftermath
  3. The Projection Room – Eco Challenge: Fiji
  4. The Projection Room – Miscellaneous Monday!
  5. Second Breakfast – The Stress

This week I talk about my new found fame as Cork’s leading poet (Just kidding, obviously), Adam Sandler’s best films and we find out who won the battle royale of fictional armies! Exciting week 😀

You can check out my podcast on Spotify and Apple podcasts. I talk about a new movie, t.v. show or something movie related each week. Every second Friday or so I also talk about what’s going on in the wider world and other random things. Why not give it a listen and let me know what you think?

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