Yesterday, on a walk along the canal we stopped and looked at a droplet sitting perfectly on a single blade of grass. We were nearly home but for a moment we stopped, closed our eyes and held out our hands, catching bits of drizzle on our palms. We were at peace. Stresses from work or home meant nothing and slid off our bodies with the rain. We could have been raindrops on a blade of grass.

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Droplets sit so perfectly on a blade of grass, don’t you think? The whole world reflected in its globe, hanging perfectly on the precipice. Some days I would love to be a round, miniature form of water, content where I am. Of course, there is always danger that my satisfying stasis is interrupted by more rain, but then that means there will always be a part of me on this stalk of grass. I will be with the grass as he grows into wildness. I will run along the blade and fall into the ground and be useful.
There is a chance that a stray paw or shoe will flatten me and my green friend into the mud. That is OK, though. We like the mud.

I would be everlasting as a drop. I would be one with the air, the earth and if I was lucky enough I would become one drop in a trillion as I slipped from the bank into the canal. I would flow all the way to Offaly and on into the unknown. I would transcend form, evaporated into the air on a hot day and made into rain. I would refresh you all on a sunny, rainy evening. I would sink through the concrete and tarmac and become one with the elements.

If I was to try and become any type of rain I think I would like to be a raindrop in a downpour. Hurtling through the sky, I wonder if I could pick a target or if I would have to be content in going with the flow. All in all, a raindrop on a blade of grass seems like the best deal. I could sit for hours, peacefully, watching the people walk by. A ladybird might come and walk through me and I could go on a journey with them for a while until I found a new blade of grass.

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We opened our eyes and made our way home. The walk from the house to the stop sign where we turn and back is approximately five kilometres. It takes about forty to forty five minutes to walk or between 25 and 30 minutes to run. The moments we kept our eyes shut and let the rain fall on us freely felt like an eternity. It is important to slow down and take everything in once in a while. It is easier said than done. I know that. It is easy to say these things and pretend that I feel great all the time. I don’t. Small things matter. I bought myself a coffee on Thursday and it made my day infinitely better! Treat yourself better. Go easier on yourself and other things might improve slightly.

Stay safe guys.


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