I said NOW, TV!

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For some reason I thought that buying Now TV at six o’clock in the evening on the day the premier league returned while thousands around the country tried the same thing would go smoothly.

‘Sorry, something went wrong on our end.’

No. I take full responsibility. I’m actually not even being sarcastic here. I should have known there’d be other clowns like me who left it till the last minute again. I was waiting to see if I really wanted to get the sports passes. I didn’t realise how much I missed live sports and as soon as I saw the first pictures of Sheffield United vs. Aston Villa I went online, only to be met by a wall of regret.

‘Refresh this page to continue.’

I’ve tried a few times, man. Nothings working. That’s OK though. I fully understand that I had the chance to buy the page yesterday. I hovered the mouse over the button and thought to myself, ‘Nah. Get it tomorrow evening. Be grand.’ Was grand after about an hour of refreshing the page to be fair. Once I sorted the sound, found the password I had foolishly taken from Google and restarted the T.V. it was grand. Once I heard the hum of the crowd (artificially inserted via recording in the stadium. A nice touch), heard the intake of breath from expectant players as one of them takes a shot and heard the shout of a frustrated manager at a beleaguered teammate it was grand. Once I didn’t know the result of the game I was watching it was grand.

There is nothing quite like live sport. It is one thing to watch a legendary game and relive the highs and lows. It is quite another to watch any bit of live sport and know that it has the potential to become a legendary match. Every kick of the ball could be the most exceptional thing you have ever seen in your life. These first premier league games and the first G.A.A. games that we see on T.V. will be far from quality but I know that they will be enjoyable. We can now settle back into our armchairs and resume critiquing professional sportsmen for their decision making which they are paid handsomely to make in the blink of an eye. I’m so glad it is back!


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