Gotta Get That Monay!

Happy weekend all! I hope that you all have had an absolute ball of a weekend so far. I have a bit of news that will make most of you laugh and throw your eyes up to heaven and make the rest of you wonder where I lost my marbles. The answer to that is that I lost them under the dishwasher and I ain’t movin’ that beasht of a yoke so I’ma stay crazy.
I have decided to allow people the opportunity to support me in my writing, reviewing and talking. For the bones of the last three years I have operated this blog on a semi-serious level. I have flitted between taking it very seriously and not taking it anywhere at all. Only in the last five or six months have I began to treat it with the respect it deserves. At the end of the day, I have always wanted to be a writer. It doesn’t take me too long in any job to become unhappy and I know in my heart of hearts it is because I am not made for it. I was born in the wrong decade. I was made for traipsing around New York, London, Paris or Dublin with a bag full of my own work, feeding my anxiety and malaise with whiskey and cigarettes. I managed to find the whiskey and cigarettes part but let my anxiety stall my writing.
As I have been taking the blog more seriously I have seen my views increase. There is a lot of room for me to improve and I definitely will. Some people may call it selling out, but I think that it is I high time I made my side hustle my main hustle. I have allowed ads to appear on the bottom of my posts. I won’t put them anywhere else for now, but if you hate ads I am sorry. They shouldn’t disrupt your viewing too much. If you have Adblock then happy scrolling!
I have also decided to start a premium content subscription service. Before I go on I just want to assure everyone that I have no delusions of grandeur. I know that I am not that popular. However, why not try and make monetary gain and have some fun while doing so. Maybe then in a few years I will be able to quit a normal job and live out the rest of my days writing nonsensical things and getting a bit of money for it!

So, please see the below subscriptions! For the price of a mocha from Starbucks or a cheap pint in Cork City a month, or whatever you can afford, I will write bonus reviews of movies and t.v. shows just for you. Only you and whoever else has subscribed to the page can see the extra content. Now, the films and t.v. shows must be on either Netflix Ireland, Amazon Prime or Disney+ for me to review them.

For the price of a Sloppy Foley and a bag of chips from Murphy’s in Blackpool a month, or whatever you can afford, I will write a blog post, poem or short story on any topic you want. Only you and whoever else has subscribed will be able to see the extra content. If my friend Aaron is reading this, I will only write about that topic if you pay me to do it!

The beauty about this is that you don’t have to subscribe. You are still getting the movie reviews, news and mental health piece on a Friday, as well as the podcast every week for nothing. By subscribing and parting with a couple of euro you will be getting even more quality reviews, personal views, podcasts and videos as well as supporting me in following my dreams. You can’t put a price on that….

Subscribe for fresh Ramble Pie

For the price of a mocha a month you can request a movie/series review of your choosing.

Subscribe for fresh Ramble Pie

For the price of a Big Mac Meal a month you can request a blog post of your choosing as well as exclusive previews of fictional writings (you’ll want to see these).

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