This Land

Take 20 minutes out of your day to watch this brilliant short film that tells the story of young people’s encounters with racism in Ireland. Not all of the experiences that the people in the doc share are overtly negative, but most are. They all recognise the micro-agressions that they face everyday. We hear from chefs, artists, producers, poets and hip hop groups from around the world that now call Ireland their home. Let the people affected by racism in this country tell their story.

Ireland has become such a diverse place over the last twenty to thirty years. Walk down any major street in Dublin, Cork, Limerick et al. and see the multicultural country we live in. It is very easy for us to shrug off the accusations of racism that we face in this country and say, ‘At least we’re better than America.’ That can’t be true as long as Direct Provision and blatant racism is allowed to remain here.

Start off by watching this documentary. Sign the petition to end Direct Provision. Help them out with funding in any small way you can. You don’t have to post the amount you’ve donated. Let’s start actively doing things to help combat racism in Ireland.


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