Rathpeacon’s adopted star!

Roy Keane’s parents moved to Rathpeacon, the jewel of Cork lying between Whitechurch (ugh) and Blackpool (ugh), in the 1990s. Some say it was the beginning of his most successful years!

For any fans of one of Ireland’s greatest ever players, and arguably Manchester United’s greatest modern player, you will want to check out this documentary on Keano. Originally aired in 1997, KillianM2 on Youtube, a channel dedicated to digitising lost footage of television from Ireland and the U.K., received the tape for his archive.
You can watch the video below, or head over to KillianM2‘s channel to see what else he has to offer.

I am a massive fan of Roy Keane. I think he is brilliant and was brilliant on and off the pitch throughout his career. It is interesting to see him here as the softly spoken version of the leader he was at that time. 1997 was a big year for Roy. He had won two Premier Leagues, two F.A. Cups and two league cups. He was club captain of Manchester United following Cantona’s departure and was a a major part of the Irish squad. 1997 was the beginning of Keane’s prime. He would go from strnegth to strength, captaining United to Treble glory in 1999. Nobody will forget his performance in the semi against Juventus.

Roy can be seen as controversial and harsh these days but he’ll always be a hero in his parents adopted home of the mighty Rathpeacon.


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