We’ve all been there. Standing awkwardly at a teenage disco can be absolutely painful. You might catch someone’s eye, smile a bit and shuffle some more only to look up and see their back turned to you. You might get the Holy Grail that is The Shift. You might not. Either way, your night is going to be a mix of teenage angst, sickening anxiety, sweaty dancing and euphoric highs. You won’t feel that rush again for quite some time after your first proper shift at a disco.

The award-winning short film, The Shift, is a nostalgic, funny and heartwarming look at getting the shift on the last night of the Gaeltacht.

I never went to the Gaeltacht during the summer. However, this could be taking place in Bondi, Savoy or City Hall. The awkwardness, pain in your tummy and happy dancing is something that everyone has experienced.
The film won several awards on the festival tour, including Best Short at Belfast Film Festival and Cork Film Festival respectively. Scannain hosted the online premiere of the film on its website.

My favourite thing about the film is that it makes sure to let the viewer know that once you’re happy with yourself, then sod the shift. Be yourself, and the shifts will come.

The Shift

Directed by Megan Fox and written by Mairead Kiernan, this is a female tour de force. Lead actress Fiona Bergin is brilliant and natural on camera. She is also very funny on TikTok too, so get to following her there!


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