Thought of the Day

Pretentious title alert! Pretentious title alert! WARNING! WARNING! Cian is slipping into the actual belief that he is a bonafide blogger and that people are reading his stuff with interest…

There’s that voice in the back of my head again. Chipping away, trying to break through the skull and the brains to reach the front. The voice wants to take control.
“Nobody is reading your stuff. Nobody is listening to your podcast. Nobody cares about your thoughts on anything.”
“That’s not entirely true. I get views most days so people are at least clicking,” I retort, a faux confidence making the hairs on my arm stand up. “People have messaged me saying they listen to the podcast.”
“Well, they still don’t care about your opinions. And plus you’re after gaining weight because of lockdown. You’re keeping Lentil curls in stock, boy!”
“You have me there now. Lentil curls are class, though..”
“Have you tried the Sour cream & Onion ones?”
“Unreal man.”

This is how most negative conversations with myself go. In fairness to myself, I’m good at recognising that the negative voice in my head is me just listening to my insecurities too much. I steer the thoughts in my head towards something trivial. It helps to write it down. I let the creative flow take over and my subconscious thoughts spill out onto the page. A potentially harmful thought turns into…Lentil curls. If anybody hasn’t tried em, get down to Aldi/Lidl now. The sour cream and onion ones in Aldi are unreal, and the Thai flavoured ones in Lidl are unreal. I’ve done my research 🤣

I felt like writing something today so thank God I can write and post it into the void. Thanks for reading. And thanks for listening.


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