Ep. 3 – Operation Odessa + The King

‘It’s just another manic Monday,’ Susanna Hoffs and the Bangles used to sing. Except, now its not. We are all inside…well, most of us with sense anyways. There are no manic Mondays at the moment and that may not be the worst thing in the world. Kick back, relax and realise that you don’t have to think up an excuse to not visit that draining relative anymore. If you live with that draining relative, head on up to your room and chill out. Don’t worry about productivity. I’m doing enough worrying for the both of us 🤣 Either way, why don’t you have a listen to the latest episode of my new podcast – The Rathpeacon Rambler Podcast. I serve up fresh random takes on movies both new and old.

This week I discussed Operation Odessa and The King. They are two completely different movies that I will post written reviews on later in the week. I also talk a little bit about my new logo, the alternative history of Rathpeacon and underdog military tactics in ancient wars. It is this varied every week, believe me!

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