New Directions

Glee' Spoilers: Kurt Returns To New Directions, Gwyneth Paltrow ...
Battle Royale: Glee

Have I finally cracked and written a definitive list ranking the talent of the members of the New Directions, McKinley Highschool’s all singing, all dancing outcasts? Not this week. But, I must confess, that leaderboard haunts my every thought. Should Rachel Berry, the most naturally gifted and hard working of the bunch reign supreme in my meaningless table, or should Finn’s raw talent and authenticity propel him to top spot? My decision to make, my cross to bear and my magnum opus to write.
No, I am talking about the new directions I am taking with the Rathpeacon Rambler. The output on the blog mightn’t be as plentiful or as varied as it once was. I have been focusing more on movies and television series. Why? I’m glad you asked!

Two weeks ago I started my podcast! There are two episodes on Spotify and Apple. My name and art is on two of the most widely used audio apps worldwide. Well…the Rathpeacon Rambler’s is, and that’s good enough for me, the Rathpeacon Rambler.
I talk about different movies, television shows and any random scenarios that pop into my head. I am planning an extra episode each month where I talk about general topics. Perhaps I will have a look and see what is trending on Twitter and the news. I could also talk about random things so as not to fuel the already raging fire of depressing news about the coronavirus. We’ll see what happens.
The podcast may take focus away from the blog. It may not. I hope the two work in tandem and I will continue to produce content, which is improving if I may say so myself.

The final piece of the puzzle was an identifier to bring everything together. I had been using profile pictures from Facebook and Twitter as my blog image. I suppose I still wasn’t taking it too seriously. A part of me was always looking at writing and reviewing as a meaningless hobby. While it is just a hobby, if I don’t treat my own work with respect, then why should anyone else? I also wanted to look professional and I also would like to possibly work in radio someday. A logo across all platforms would show a degree of seriousness that I need. It would also show I care about my work. So without further ado, I present to you, the new logo for the Rathpeacon Rambler blog and podcast.

Behold! Mine own coat of arms..

The microphone and quill are self-explanatory. The bird in the middle represents my hometown of Rathpeacon. Rathpeacon, when translated directly from Irish to English, means ‘the fort of crows’. Now, I’m not sure if there were just a lot of crows back when it was founded, whether an ancient sentient murder of crows ruled over the village, or if the crows and humans mixed and mated, but that’s the name of the place I grew up. Irish place names are fantastic, and something I will write more about at a later date.
Anyways, that is the reasoning behind my new logo. I hope you like it. I hope you are still liking the blog. Thank you to everyone for liking, sharing and subscribing to the podcast. I appreciate it more than you know. Talking into the void helps more than you know.

Stay safe, everyone.


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