New Podcast!

Good afternoon all you beautiful angels! The second episode of my podcast series is out, i’m sure you’ll be delighted to know! It is out on Podbean and Spotify. I am working on getting it added to Apple Podcasts, too. Eventually, the whole world will be listening to my deep voice.

This week I reviewed the Netflix action thriller, Spenser Confidential, giving it my usual light-hearted ribbing. I also talk about the new Irish show, Normal People. I round things up by talking about what I wrote on the blog last week and the upcoming t.v. shows and movies I’m excited to see. Along the way I go a bit wacky as I normally do, so be sure and listen, like, subscribe and share to get as many people listening to my sultry tones (I’m much less confident in person!)

There will be new episodes every Monday with the odd bonus episode about random topics once a month. Thank you all for continuing to read my blog. I appreciate every view and like. I appreciate you all.

Click here to listen to the latest ramblings of Rathpeacon’s most avid movie-reviewer!


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