Upcoming T.V. shows

Love Life

I’m not going to lie. I’m a big Anna Kendrick fan. I think she is brilliant in all Pitch Perfect movies, despite the last one being mediocre at best. She also puts in quirky, enjoyable performances in A Simple Favor and Mr. Right, which you can read my review of right here.
Unfortunately, this series looks like all of Kendrick’s previous roles, as well as all of the rom-com, finding yourself genre that Netflix has been churning out for the last few years combined.
I’m a big rom-com fan, don’t get me wrong. I love the brief feeling of despair towards the end where we feel the magic couple won’t end up together, because we know the ending will still be happy. That’s fine when it is completed over an hour and forty minutes, but spread out over ten episodes might be a bit of a stretch for our attention spans.
According to Rachael Gavin at nine.com, this show will be an anthology; each new season following a different character’s love life. I can’t see it being extended beyond season 1.
However, there is a talented cast that will make sure we are laughing for the first installment of the anthology. Zoe Chao and Scoot McNairy join Anna Kendrick in what seem to be lead roles. Despite my misgivings about the longevity of the series, the cast is impressive.
Out May 27 on Stan, Australia.

The Great

It is a shame that more Russian history isn’t dramatised for European audiences. Of course, there have been adaptations in modern times such as Anna Karenina and War and Peace, but the amount of English period pieces and American epics in comparison is overwhelming. According to all these shows, the Russians spoke perfect English, in perfect English accents (sarcasm detector, overload!).

Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, Warm Bodies), plays Peter, son of Peter the Great and future Tsar of Russia. Elle Fanning plays the titular Catherine, future The Great. This fantastic article from Refinery 29 will tell you some history behind the drama, if you’d like. The trailer showcases the comic chemistry that the two share, threatening to have the other one killed while laughing and smiling with each other. Hoult in particular looks at home in this role as the eccentric and potentially violent Peter III. Both actors are well-known talents, and I’m hoping the quality we are shown in the trailer is seen across the show.
Tony Mcnamara, who wrote the Oscar-winning The Favourite, wrote eight episodes for this show. I haven’t seen that film yet, but after watching the trailer for this and already deciding that I am going to be a fan of the show, I will make it my mission to see it before The Great is released on Hulu on May 15th.

Streaming is the saviour of us all in these weird times. Unfortunately, both of these shows are on Australian and American streaming services, and of course I’m not condoning pirating content, but these will come out on Showbox soon enough. They will be worth a watch.

Come back tomorrow for upcoming movies, although who knows when we’ll be back in the cinema again 😢


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