Weekend Binge

Nope, it’s not the binge you’re thinking of, guys and gals. For the first weekend since the middle of January I have refrained from funneling beautiful craft beers into my gullet. I filled the void with a couple of trips to the chipper, but I’ve started to do a running program that will hopefully counteract the chipper-trips every weekend.
I think, collectively, as a human race, we have turned to streaming services in our time of need. Not that we hadn’t been mindlessly binging Netflix shows for the last however many years. I suppose we’ve been watching more and more of what’s on offer. Disney plus has added to our endless library of “shows to watch”. Have a look at what I’ve been watching this weekend and over the last few weeks and maybe you can find yourself a new show!

The BBC can do no wrong when it comes to shows that deal with the seedier side to life. Netflix have taken the mantle and added these shows to their UK and Irish Netflix databases, while adding their own shows.

Doctor Foster

Suranne Jones (Coronation Street, Scott & Bailey) is Dr. Gemma Foster. She is happily married to Simon (Bertie Carvel) and loving mother of Tom (Tom Taylor). However, as you’ve probably guessed, that won’t last past the first ten minutes of episode 1. After finding a long blond hair on Simon’s scarf after a weekend away, Gemma’s life and psyche begins to unravel as she learns of years of deceit and that her so-called friends were covering it up.
Watching Suranne Jones’ portrayal of Dr. Foster’s controlled descent into madness was mesmerising. There are two seasons and we finished season 1 on Saturday night. I spent the whole of the episode with my hands covering my face. It wasn’t scary, but I was on edge, wondering what piece of madness I was going to witness next in English suburbia.

Too Hot to Handle

Pure trash television. Think Love Island meets MTV’s Ex on the Beach and has a baby. Then, on the other side of the world, Jersey Shore meets Survivor and they have a baby. Years later, by some miracle, those babies met and had their own baby. That, ladies and gentlemen…that baby would be this masterpiece of a show.
Basically, ten extremely attractive singles who are self-proclaimed promiscuous kings and queens are out on another island to try and win a cash prize (Love Island). They think that they are there to have hot sex, meet easy people like themselves and just get wrecked for a number of weeks (Ex on the Beach). Meanwhile, their Alexa like over-lord, Lana, is observing them and keeping an eye on their extra-curricular activities. It turns out, they are not allowed to kiss, dry-hump, touch each other sexually or do the beast with two backs for the duration of the ‘Retreat’. If they do, every sexual activity costs money and takes away from their cash prize (Survivor). This leads to divides in the camp, manipulations from man and woman alike and just outrageously funny and jaw-dropping interviews with the islanders (Jersey Shore).
I am halfway through this show and it will require a full blog post with possibly my first video reaction because it is that good. It becomes so much more than just an aesthetically pleasing binge of beautiful idiots, as we may expect. It shows people grow and form meaningful connections.

Mid-week I will be letting you know about some other shows that I have been watching. Thanks for reading and sticking with me through my procrastination. Stay safe.

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