I’m steamrolling through the stage of isolation where the smallest things piss me off. I mean, royally piss me off. Like blood levels visible through my eyeballs like Wile E. Coyote when he is thwarted once again by the cocky, classless road runner. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pieces or tweets written about how vindictive the Roadrunner is, but truthfully, he is the most twisted anti-hero of our time. At least with Tom and Jerry you would end up rooting for Tom at times and still be relieved when he didn’t catch the coveted mouse, but I’m sure I speak for many people when I say that I would’ve loved to see the coyote catch his prey. Just once. Teach him a lesson for being such an inconsiderate prick in his victory. Maybe that’s just a part of growing up. Or maybe, just maybe, I am getting the: What do you Europeans say? Le cabin fever??

It’s getting to that part of the humdrum constant banality of everyday life; wake up, turn on the computer; try to care about work and fail spectacularly for a full eight hours; rinse and repeat for five days a week; check online banking on payday to make sure your wage has been deposited; feel the briefest flicker of happiness that the money is in my account; remember that money is the root of all evil and go pray instead; don’t actually do that because that was just a funny thought in your head; settle down and watch tv for the weekend, occasionally think about throwing on a Joe Wicks, look at his glorious locks and feel self-conscious. Once all this is done, don’t fret because you’re about to do it all over again, every week for the foreseeable. I didn’t mention food because hey, we all know ya boy, the Rathpeacon Rambler is eating his way through the local chippers 😎

Honestly, though, I am struggling a bit. I’m struggling at being in the same room as someone for the full day. It’s probably something deeper that I experienced in college. I would go through bouts of just not wanting to be in the same room as my best friends. I think my brothers at home get when I want to be on my own, to be fair to them. In college, and even America, I would just get an intense urge to be on my own. It’s creeping back in here too.
You might wonder whether some of us are feeling these things because we can’t actually get out of the house that much. For any American readers, in Ireland, we are restricted to a 2km exercise radius. Now, we can travel outside of the 2km for grocery shopping or essential travel but we are encouraged to remain at home as much as possible. Ironically, essentially, we are trapped within the 2k. Gardaí, Irish police, are manning checkpoints to make sure each person on the road is travelling within their rights.
Dr. Tony Holohan, our Chief Medical Officer here in Ireland, has said that the curve has been flattened and that he is hopeful that our restrictions may be lessened gradually after the 5th of May, the most recent deadline we have been told.

So…two more weeks….at least. Will I last? Will I persevere? Will I receive an intense burst of enlightenment and become O.K. in these circumstances? Probably, probably, probably not. We’ll see.


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