The Quaran-Time of our Lives

First of all, I would like to apologise for the excruciating wordplay in the title. It was cheap, crass and I LOVE IT! Get used to bad puns, poor jokes and some hot takes because I’m having a ball.
I’ve seen so many conflicting arguments on Twitter and other social media sites on how best we should spend our time during this unprecedented event in our lives. Some think we should be using this extra ‘free time’ to pour our heart and soul into the creative projects we have set aside due to our work commitments. We should be writing the book we were always going to or starting the vlog or blog we wanted to start. Everyone should be getting their mind off the raging doomhappening all around us and start churning out panic-induced literature and art. Excuse me, but if I want to sit on my arse and watch every single show ever made about a problematic policeman/woman/Detective/authority figure from the English countryside who has an addiction to drink, drugs or both, then I FACKIN’ WILL YA BLEEDIN’ MUG!

It is easy to get bogged down with all that is going on. The important part is not letting it get inside your head. Immerse yourself in literature, art, movies or t.v., and that means anything you want to watch. I might watch one episode of Happy Valley and then four or five episodes of The Office or Parks and Rec. I might read a chapter of my book and then scroll through Twitter (must delete that hellish app). It’s all about what makes you happy and gets you through the next month or so.

If you have the absolute pleasure of working from home like I do then you have a bit of structure which is key. If you have kids then you are on the clock all the time. If you are without work due to the virus and find yourself slipping into bad habits regarding your sleep, try to fix that with an earlier bedtime. Get some lavender oil, put A SINGLE DROP (DO NOT accidentally empty half the bottle onto your pillow and sneeze your head clean off your shoulders) on the corner of your pillow and drift off into sleepy bo bo land*. Also, magnesium tablets help a lot. Health shops (in Europe at least) are still open as they are somewhat essential so pick up a bottle of magnesium tabs, pop three of those bad boys a day and you will be sleeping as regularly as a child!

Drink plenty of water and stop drinking coffee after 2pm. In fact, this blog should be titled, Things My Girlfriend has Taught me in the Last Year We’ve Known Each Other and Which Have Improved my Life Greatly and Applying them to the Situation we Find Ourselves in Now is Also Positive. A bit wordy?

Basically, do whatever you want as long as that is indoors or at least 2 metres away from other members of the public. Look after yourselves, especially mentally over the next few months.

*Sleepytime, courtesy of the Hardy Bucks.


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