I’m a Statman!

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100 posts! Well, this is the 101st post but I have surpassed 100 posts! God, this would have been so better if I made this my actual 100th post instead of putting out that money diary. Well, at least that got some likes and some interaction on Facebook. I guess that shows that I’ve still got a lot to learn in this blogging game. ‘Coz I’m going to the top and I’ll stop at nothing to get there. And by nothing, I mean any slight convenience that manages to make me doubt myself. Nerds.
Anywho, I’d like to run some stats by you guys and put them into context with my effort levels and the lessons I’ve learned as a result. Sit back and enjoy the self deprecating ride.


  • My work has been viewed 4’004 times since I created the blog. 4’004! If we bear in mind that I rarely posted at the start and could never be accused of being consistent with my uploads, I’d say that’s pretty good going! An average of 40 views per post which isn’t outrageous but it means something to me, dammit!
  • 2’862 people have visited my site and read some of my work. They might have accidentally logged on when looking for a Rathpeacon themed lead singer of a travelling band but they’re still counted here!
  • My posts have been liked 270 times. Not an awful lot when you look at it compared to the amount of views but that figure has increased six fold over the last year. If only it went one better and I could have made a pun about Avenged Sevenfold. Ha. Music.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress have been my main outlets. My Twitter views went up by 25% this year while Facebook and Instagram views both went down by about 20%. I found it odd that Facebook was down but then again, I’ve been very sporadic.
    As well as that, my Instagram views went from 76 in 2018 to 62 in 2019 and I stopped pushing my blog on Instagram back in May. Perhaps I need to revisit that medium.
  • My writing has been viewed in 54 different countries. Madness. Among some of the more obscurer countries to glance upon mine tomes are Hong Kong, Kenya and Madagascar?! Manny and the boys reading my blog and they jungle animals and all, ha? Movies.
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  • I think the most important and glaringly obvious lesson I should take from this is that I need to be more consistent. Myself and my girlfriend looked through my activity for the year and I’d be great some months to churn out posts and articles and then other months I might post one? Sure who is going to care and click in if I’m constantly starting anew?
  • I also need to write more. I can’t just post once a week and let that be that. I have had great ideas that have slipped by because I’ve been too lazy to give myself a fair chance of developing as a writer. Maybe I have a distinct style that will one day make me millions. Until then, you guys are stuck with me😎
  • I should write what I want. I know that if something isn’t working and is getting no likes then why bother, some might say, but if I’m enjoying writing the odd piece about United and more movie reviews with the odd sarcasm filled opinion piece then so be it. It is my blog after all and Sandra got the kids in the divorce so THIS IS ALL I HAVE, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW SANDRA???!!
  • Oh, I lost the run of myself there, my apologies. Sorry kids. Daddy loves you. Mommy is a lovely woman who is certainly not a whore who I caught with the milkman. I mean the milkman, for Christ’ sake, Sandra. Although, maybe I’m the fool for thinking….wait a minute….hold the phone….Fernando was never a milkman was he?
  • My life’s a lie. Stats are lies. Love is a lie.
  • I tend to skip the editing process and just hope I got rid of anything I didn’t mean to write.
  • I sporadically post instead of posting at the right times, like when people are on lunch. or commuting home from work. Will work on that.


On a semi serious note, thanks so much to everyone for reading the blog. Whether you read it whenever you see a post or you’ve read it once and never thought about it again, I thank you. I definitely thank my regular readers more.
To all the bloggers on WordPress who are sharing a similar journey to mine: You are all so talented and I need to practice remembering to hit the like button because I genuinely enjoy so much of your work.
To my friends who read and support me: Thank you, you don’t understand how much I appreciate the help and support.
To my girlfriend who supports me and advises me: I love you to bits and would be lost without you.
To Brie Larson: I think you’re great and would love to meet up sometime.
To my girlfriend once again: Totes lol JKs, Brie who? Love you, boo.

Here’s to a great Christmas everyone. Happy drinking and happy writing!


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