Nás (Poem)

“An chéad stáisiún eile, Nás agus Sallins.”
After two long hours of trying to read and changing songs my senses are tingling.
Only five minutes until I get to see your curls bouncing as you do that cute little half jog up the steps into my outstretched arms. Utterly adorable.

The drive back is filled with hand holding and stolen kisses,
Giving the car behind us an innocent, goofy show.
What must they think when they see two people so completely
Absorbed in each other that simple journeys are fraught with danger.

No amount of writer’s block could stem the tide of my words for you,
A torrent of love that I have never felt before.
I cannot write of film and sport when your lips and eyes fill my waking thoughts.
I cannot think of work nor money when your laugh gives me enough life for a lifetime.

My love for you is like a pilgrimage and you are my deity that I will pay tribute to year after year.
An eternity of bliss that no one else could understand as I whisper into your ear
That you are class, you are perfect, you are unreal and you…
Are just something special in my life.

A life that has been unproblematic in the grand scheme of things,
Yet not fuflfilled
And it is your kindness that makes
My heart beat still.


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