Hello Again.


Good Wednesday, folks! The sun isn’t exactly shining here in Rathpeacon but the rain has stayed away so far. There’s a couple of fox cubs running around our garden every once in a while. Coincidentally, I haven’t seen any rabbits in a while. I’m working two jobs, losing all of my matches with the local G.A.A. team and trying to lose most of the forty kgs I’ve put on in the last seven years. I’ve been busy and so the writing has been on the backburner. Here’s my latest attempt to get back to writing regularly and beautifully.

You can expect movie reviews, music reviews, sports reviews and muck talking. Three or four posts a week with the odd poem and story mixed in. You’ve heard it all before and you’re hearing it again. This won’t be the last time you see a post from me saying I’m back and more consistent. Hopefully, though, it’ll be the last one for a while!

xoxo Gossip Cian


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