Summer in the Cinema

If you’re ghostly pale like me and get sunburned from even the shortest of exposure to the bastard Sun (shakes fist at sky) then you might spend a fair amount of time in the cinema. Or the movie theatre as it’s called over here. Fancy America, huh? It’s basically going to be sequels and spin-offs this summer, like it has over the last decade. A fair amount of remakes will be thrown in but there’s always going to be a few movies that will be worth the price of a ticket.

I used to work in a cinema in Cork and it was the best job I’ve had. Free popcorn, drinks and movie tickets for quiet shows, I put on some amount of weight lads. Thank God I’m tall or I’d look like the Goblin King from the Hobbit.


I’ll start off with another movie in a long line of action flicks with a bit of comedy thrown in from The People’s Champion. Dwayne, “The human God”, Johnson, stars as Will Sawyer, a former U.S. war veteran, now a security assessor for skyscrapers with a prosthetic leg. With his family trapped in a burning super scraper and on the run from the law and a group of terrorists, he must save his family and clear his name.
This movie will take no effort to sit through. It’ll probably be fun and you can shut your brain off for two hours. Kevin Hart plays the prosthetic leg too and has some great quips.


Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan have been two of the most familiar leading dramatic actors of the last decade. The trailer tells the story of a couple, played by the aforementioned actors, who split up after the mother meets another, more financially stable, man, and how their son, Ed Oxenbould, deals with the news. You won’t know Ed from the Australian movie Paper Planes. It’s about a young fella who goes to the world paper plane tournament somewhere in Asia. I was so hungover one day it came on and I couldn’t physically sit up and change the channel. An emotional flick. Maybe that was the hangover.
This isn’t out in the U.K. and Ireland until November but keep an eye out for this come awards season. It already premiered at Cannes this January. The director, Paul Dano, you might remember from There Will Be Blood, and also when he goes batshit insane as the selective mute brother in Little Miss Sunshine. Good man, Paul.

The Sisters Brothers

Westerns have been done in some style in the last 20 odd years. The recent Netflix hit, Godless, about a town populated by mainly women in the wicked Wild West, was a slow burner but proved immensely dramatic and was full of wise barbs and action sequences. This movie, about a pair of assassins on the trail of a prospector protected by Gyllenhaal, looks to have the action, comedy and dialogue to be a hit when it is released around September 2018. Although the way cinema has gone and the way people stream nowadays it will probably be left in the wake of Ant Man or something like that.

Ant_Man and the Wasp

And I can’t fucking wait. When I started working in the cinema the first one had just come out. An American lady complained of a child making noise throughout so I went in and told the child and his mother that he had to calm down due to complaints, and excessive noise would mean he might have to leave. The mother waited for me after the show and I learned that the child was autistic. Morto. Not long after, a special Autism screening was put on on Saturdays which I’m sure is a coincidence. Lol.
It’s probably my favourite Marvel back story, due in part to Michael Pena’s turn as the sidekick thief with a beautiful story-telling ability. In this sequel we get to see Evangeline Lily’s Wasp showcase her skills, which look badass, as she fights alongside Paul Rudd against the Ghost. Plus, it has Walton Goggins in the cast. Go watch his show, Vice Principals. Comedy gold.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I love sports but I love movies too. I’ll do things like this a few times a week as well as Man United and football news and opinions too. Shout out to my old boss Gill. If by the off chance she reads this, thanks for not firing me for countless blunders as supervisor and for not firing me for stealing a sizeable amount of Munchies. Good times.


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